Where is Your Energy Going?

When was your last energy audit? Yesterday? Last week? Never?

Doing an energy audit means that we pay attention to our energy levels throughout the day and identify those activities that boost or deplete us.

Sometimes low energy is easily remedied, such as when we’re dehydrated, have skipped a meal, have been sitting for too long, or our attention has been pulled in competing directions (a super-energy drainer).

Sometimes, low energy has a deeper origin, such as doing work that isn’t aligned with our values (been there) or not being able to engage in activities that are meaningful to us—a situation that so many of us are experiencing now, well into the pandemic. The act of identifying these sources is the first step in remedying them, and you may feel an uptick in energy by simply identifying what’s been dragging you down. Coaching or therapy may be helpful if the reason is more than the occasional boring task, which we all have from time to time.

Which of your day-to-day activities propel you? Which deplete you?

Once we identify our energy-depleting activities, we’re often able to shift our experience by finding meaning in the task or assigning the activity to a limited time block, so that it no longer depletes us.  

Doing an energy audit also makes us more aware of the areas of our lives that haven’t been getting attention lately. What sorts of things do you, or could you, do that boost your energy? Notice the motivation for each. Generally, tasks that we can connect with an intrinsic motivator are more energizing than those that solely have an extrinsic driver. This could be especially important as we enter another difficult phase of the pandemic.

With six weeks remaining in 2020, how might you manage your days so that you make the most of your energy, give yourself the nurturing you need and thrive in 2021?

Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. [Thursday Thrive Bite will be unplugged.]