Silver linings

I saw this comic recently:

A couple is passing a man standing on a sidewalk holding up a sign that says: THE END IS NEAR, in response to which one partner in the couple turns to the other and says, “Good. I can’t wait for this election to be over.”

Maybe you had to see it, but it made me laugh.

As we get closer to the close of this election season (and yes, I know it’s not completely over until the Electoral College certifies the results) I’m realizing the extent to which humor has played a role in how I’ve managed the out-of-control roller coaster of the past several months.

Those who’ve worked with me know that our work includes two maxims (among many): 1. Our physiology is designed to support us. 2. There are no physiological accidents.

Laughter is one of those physiological wonders that never ceases to amaze.

Laughter boosts immunity. √

Laughter relieves pain. √

Laughter relieves stress. √

Laughter protects the heart. √

Laughter improves blood flow. √

Laughter gives our inner organs a workout. √

Laughter improves mood. √

Laughter boosts confidence. √

Laughter is the great connector. √

Laughter creates a biochemical chain of events that calms the nervous system, protects us, and encourages us to connect and seek support when life is at its most difficult.

Laughter creates mental space for us to think more clearly and see the silver linings ahead.

Laughter improves our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

Therapeutic laughter was the genesis for an entire field of medicine—psychoneuroimmunology.

Laughter supports thriving.

You get the point.

Rx: five minutes of laughter daily. Unlimited refills.


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